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May 17, 2019

Condo News

Solid Rock Construction's work is right on schedule for our condominiums. Today they are pouring concrete on the first floor. Next week the framing begins and the block masons start on the stair wells and elevator shafts. Progress will definitely become more noticeable in the next few weeks. Completion is still on track for late fall. Won't it be exciting to finally walk into one of the condos and see the riverfront just yards away! Also our showroom on St. Simons is now available for viewing selections of flooring, granite and paint colors along with options for upgrades.

Dock News

We have selected Marine Co. as our dock builder. Permitting can take 3-6 months, and then construction about 60 days. One fun feature will be the screened event room on the dock. With a keypad gate this dock and its slips will be exclusively for condo owners and future hotel guests.

Restaurant News

We hope to execute a lease for our free standing restaurant next week, and are in the final stages of determining architectural plans. The present building will be expanded to include a screened porch with access to the existing wooden deck. The current roof will be removed and a screened roof top bar will be added for incredible dining opportunities. The building will have an historic appearance built with tabby and wood and even a replica lighthouse cupola. We will be very excited to release the name of the new restaurant and its experienced owner soon.

Groundbreaking Photo Gallery


On January 9, 2019, Lucas Properties and the City of Darien broke ground for Oaks on the River Condominiums!

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The Darien News

Darien’s waterfront takes on new life withgroundbreaking for Oaks on the River project

From The Darien News, | January 17, 2019

Shovels turned the dirt on a portion of the historic Darien waterfront breaking ground for the first project of Oaks on the River development on Jan. 9, as the sunshine shimmered on the flowing Darien River.

The Oaks on the River project has been a dream of McIntosh County son, Art Lucas, owner of Lucas Properties and is described as a dream in which he is investing for a vibrant Darien-of-tomorrow. The two-phase project located on the east side of the Darien River Bridge includes condominiums and a sea-to-table restaurant with roof-top bar in the first phase, and a boutique hotel and marina in the second phase. [ Continue reading at thedariennews.net, Page 8 ]

The Brunswick News

Darien project could be worth emulating here

From The Brunswick News, | January 11, 2019

Wednesday was a big day for Darien and McIntosh County. Art Lucas held a ceremonial groundbreaking for a three-story condominium complex, a 40-plus room boutique hotel and a stand-alone restaurant all overlooking the Darien River along the city’s downtown waterfront.

It is the type of project that can help rejuvenate an area. It’s also one being put together by a private business instead of a government entity.

McIntosh County’s government though has done the work to make such an endeavor potentially profitable. The county has aggressively developed bicycle trails to provide long rides, including a path that stretches along Fort King George Road.

That also happens to be the same road where Lucas’ Oaks by the River project is being built. The symmetry of it all makes for an appealing package for those looking for a weekend getaway. [ Continue reading at thebrunswicknews.com ]


The Brunswick News

Agreements met on variances for Oaks on the River project

From The Darien News, | September 27, 2018

At a Sept. 24 meeting and hearing by the Darien Planning and Zoning Commission, Oaks on the River condominium developer Art Lucas agreed to remove two requests for variances. He will provide a conservation easement to the city for 20 percent of the property and will use stucco siding, instead of an EIFS siding, as required in the city code. The request for variance to increase the height limit from the limit of 35 feet to 38 feet was approved by the Commission. Lucas stated that condo units would have a ceiling height of 10 feet, thus requiring the request. When Chair Kate Karwacki called for a vote, Charlie Potts, Ivy Shepherd and Noah Douglas voted yes, and Paul Nix voted no. [ View at thedariennews.net ]

The Brunswick News

Development spares Prized Oak: Age-old Darien tree to see another day—or more

From The Brunswick News, | June 25, 2018
By Terry Dickson

One of the city's signature live oaks is, to use a timeworn adage, out of the woods after a developer completely flipped the design plans for condos, a restaurant and hotel on the waterfront.

Art Lucas, owner of Oaks on the River, sent his architect back to the drawing board after a decision to move about 100 feet from where a centuries-old live oak stands atop the tabby ruins at the top of the bluff on the Darien River. That is possible because Lucas decided to move a restaurant that was to have been on the eastern edge of the property to the opposite end and shifted condos to the eastern side farther away from what some call the Darien Oak.

"It's huge," City Manager Tim Sweezey said of Lucas' decision. "I don't see how he could do anything better, except do nothing at all." [ Continue reading at thebrunswicknews.com ]

The Darien News

Letters to the Editor: Protecting the Oak and creating a future

From The Darien News, | May 24, 2018


As the President of the McIntosh County Industrial Development Authority (MCIDA) for the past eight years I have had the privilege of being the care taker for one of the most beautiful oak trees in McIntosh County. Twice during this period, the MCIDA has had the tree professionally trimmed with a hired aborist supervising the trimming. Art Lucas, Oaks on the River developer, has the same concern for this community asset and has already begun to work with one of the most knowledgable aborists in the country to minimize the impact of his development and this tree has great value to his plan.

Why did the MCIDA enter into this agreement with Mr. Lucas's project? First, the MCIDA property is not taxed and only two jobs are represented. Secondly, we have had tourism experts from the state review the property and their overwhelming conclusion was the property needs to be put to better use by creating retail, restaurants and/or living accommodations. [ Continue reading at thedariennews.net, Page 5 ] – Wally Orrel

The Brunswick News

Darien development has mix Brunswick could use

From The Brunswick News, | May 3, 2018
By The Brunswick News

An interesting development is taking shape in downtown Darien that is set to reshape the riverside town's landscape.

Several blocks of downtown will be rebuilt and re-imagined by Art Lucas, owner of Lucas Properties LLC, to include a mix of uses, including condominiums, commercial space and a boutique hotel. It is a development that seems to be, for the most part, seen as a positive thing for Darien, as long as tabby ruins and an oak tree are not damaged or removed in the process. [ Continue reading at thebrunswicknews.com ]


Downtown Darien development will bring big changes

From The Brunswick News, | April 30, 2018
By Terry Dickson

DARIEN — During the 50th annual Blessing of the Fleet earlier this month, the usual viewing spots were available on the U.S. Highway 17 bridge, on the public docks and the bluff overlooking the Darien River.

The bridge views will likely be unavailable for a couple of years as the Georgia Department of Transportation replaces the span, but ultimately some people will have some prime spots to watch from the balconies of condos Arthur Lucas plans to build on former development authority property. [ Continue reading at thebrunswicknews.com ]

Darien News

Oaks on the River plan in motion; a turning point in Darien's economic potential

From The Darien News, | October 12, 2017
By Kathleen Russell

Wheels are now in motion for a McIntosh County's native son's vision and commitment to utilize a portion of historic Darien's River bluff for a rebirth of economic potential.

On Oct. 4, the McIntosh County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) voted to enter into a development agreement with Art Lucas of Oaks on the River II, LLC, to purchase the portion of the IDA's upper bluff property immediately to the east of the Darien River Bridge. On Oct. 5, IDA's Chairman Chris Harper and Treasurer Cliff Sowell and Lucas signed a development agreement that put the project in motion for the Phase I plan of development. [ Continue reading at thedariennews.net ]